Mentoring Programme

Our current sixth years will benefit from a mentoring programme which has been set up to assist each student in their final year. The teaching staff have volunteered to mentor a small group of students (2-3), meeting with students on a weekly basis. The mentoring programme will be a pastoral roll, helping to focus on exam preparation and the needs of the student in their final year.

Career Guidance

Here in Nenagh Vocational School the Guidance Counsellor aims to facilitate all students’ career needs and assure them of continuous support and counselling.


At Junior level the Guidance Counsellor is involved in the induction of new students into the school

  • developing student’s personal and social skills
  • advising students of the implications of subject choice


At Senior level the Guidance Counsellor will:

  • provides advice on career choices and offers individual attention and assistance to students filling up CAO and UCAS forms.
  • circulates prospectuses and careers websites
  • accompanies senior students to career exhibitions and Open Days
  • informs students on career options such as Apprenticeships, Post Leaving Certificate courses, Fáilte Ireland, and Teagasc
  • assists students with CV preparation, interview techniques and job-hunting skills


The Guidance Counsellor is always available for counselling to students on a range of issues (personal, academic or social).