Christmas Concert

Congratulations to all of our students who took part in our Christmas Talent Show. From festive ballads, dance acts and group performances, it was an exciting event for all of our talented students.

First Place: Sarah Hickey

Second Place: Shannon Cawley

Third Place: Chantelle Hickey

Drama Club

Drama club was established by both Ms Egan and Ms Howard in September 2015. Students meet every week and participate in drama games and various activities such as role play, improvisation and character development. Last year students had great success in North Tipperary VEC’s cultural day. We hope to replicate the success this coming year.

2015 Halloween Disco

Glee Club

Congratulations to the glee club all their work and lunch times paid off wit a fantastic finale of their singing and dancing. Thanks to Mr Johnston and Ms Beirne for their help to make the set and to Ms Kennedy and Ms Carey for putting it all together. Well done to all involved.